Whether its at the beautiful and serene beaches of places like coxs' bazaar that stretch on forever, or a boat journey through the winding, curving backwaters of a Bangladeshi river, with its ancient towns and villages some dating back more than 2000 years, and past maharajas palaces of the previous centuries . It'll be an experience that will undoubtably find a place which will provide you with the unforgetable trip of a lifetime.

Prior to the time of Bangladeshs' liberation in 1971, most tourists kept their visits to, Dhaka and Agrabad, however with limited satisfactory accomodation in the rest of Bangladesh at that time, saw neighbouring Kolkata in West Bengal, who were well ahead with their facilities, soar in popularity. It took until the middle of the nineteen nineties for the improvement in accomodation started to show increased numbers of tourist flow.

Tourism alive and Well in Bangladesh.

Since the year 2000 tourists arriving in Bangladesh have been swelling in numbers. Also travelling further within the country and visiting places like Cox' Bazaar, Teknaf, the Sundarbans, Kuakata, Paharpur and Tetulia. Not only is it international visitors but locals are also taking their holidays and coming to Dhaka, Khulna and Chittgong. All these travelers require appropriate accommodation and the demand in hotel beds and restaurants are now being met for every taste and every budget. Many of the visitors are expariate Bangladeshi coming to Bangladesh not only to visit their families, but for a holiday and to experience the vibrant and culturally rich country of their forebearers. Catering for all these people have seen an increase in the demand for new hotels and restaurants in Dhaka and other tourist locations.

The language of Bangladesh is Bengali (Bangla). Bengali is an Indo-Aryan language it evolved from Sanskrit. Sanskrit being one of the oldest languages documented in the world. Bengali writing is a cursive script like other Indian scripts, originating from the Brahmi alphabet of the Asokan inscriptions. It contains 52 consonants and 12 vowels. English is also spoken in many places.

Traveling to Bangladesh is quite affordable through Air India, especially when using an online service that offers cheap flights. In addition traveling through Bangladesh is cheap as well. Tipping is encouraged in most restaurants frequented by foreigners, expect around 5%. It's how much of the staff make their wage, so please be thoughtful in this regard as some tourists can be a little stingy, being used to their own countries. "Baksheesh" is Bangla for tipping. When purchasing a souvenir, you'll find the people skilled in the art of bargaining. This is also custom, remember have fun with it even though you might feel a little frustrated. Just start at around half of what the asking price is and go from there. Walk away if you feel the price is too high, there are many other sellers nearby. Just be aware of the restrictions of your own country and conscience when making a purchase. There are some industries that you you shouldn't encourage in any country.

Health issues in Bangladesh like in most poorer countries of the world are not too good, once you are out of the major centres. It's always best to carry with you your personal items and if you are engaging in a higher than normal risk sport, take a first aid kit with sterile syringes. The lists of communicable and potentially deadly diseases is long, and some countries fail to give accurate accounts of the afflicted for fear of loss of tourism revenue.

Welcome to Bangladesh and its fascinating people, its longstanding history, its dance, music, philosophy, literature, meditation and yoga is a refreshing change from your usual holiday destination.

bangladesh mape We here at feel that a complete HOLIDAY is more than just sand,sun, sea and relaxing by the beach it's a life experience where your mind and body are rejuvenated, and you come away with a sense of wholeness and an insight into how others live in this wide and open world.


The climate in Bangladesh is tropical though it has a mild winter through October to March and a hot and humid summer between March and June. The rainy monsoon season is humid and warm between June and October when it is prone to flooding


The estimated population of the country is 138million with around a 2% growth rate. The main religions are Muslim 83% and Hindu 16%.




The bottom line when travelling is be aware, have travel insurance, stay clear of illicit drugs and be prepared to pay to get yourself out of trouble. Believe me the consequences of a bad decision can be higher than you could imagine. But the rewards of an exciting trip into an exotic location that has both the extremities of life will leave you culturally richer and aware.

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